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"What is the most desired condition of life?"

Is it the immortality of beauty? Or is it the transient pity that life will come to an end?

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I have thought of the concept of still life and it reminded me the work of Irving Penn.  

Also, I found it would be interesting to look into Georgia O'keeffe's painting since her works always imply female genital organs which is the symbol of life to me.


The artworks of William Amour and Damien Hirst inspired me a lot as well. Amour's plastic flowers combine the fixed objects with dead stamens which comprise the idea of death and failure of inheritance. Hirst focused more on the storage and recreation of the eternal beauty.


In order to pursue my concept of "coming to live", I played with paper which was printed with crisped plastic flower texture when I started to design instead of me controlled the silhouette. I dyed some of real flowers and played with the petals as well. Moreover, I shredded the flower seed and mixed them into thermoplastic material so as to create different shapes.


There are three stages that I expressed through the creation. First, "life" starts to come into present (bud); second, "life" is growing and want to come out from its shell (half-bloomed); finally, "life" has come alive and bloomed completely.


Work From Home

during self-quarantine period...

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Timeline and name

Embroidery of the flowers within the lining layer 

Garment Display

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